Michel S. · Oktober, 2009

Aspiring globe-trotter trying to get his linguistic skills to catch up with his travel plans, Michel has lived in three continents (or four if one subscribes to the view that Britain is not “in Europe”). He is interested in international relations, political and cultural issues, and last but not least, the role of technology, particularly open source, plays in the developing world. Oh, and intellectual property issues.

Michel is an active contributor with the Fedora Project, a Linux distribution, and recommends it to people who are interested in a free, but practical, computing experience.

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Pos terkini oleh Michel S. dari Oktober, 2009

Guinea: Amarah, Perkabungan Setelah Pembantaian Brutal

Meski masih dibawah pengawasan ketat polisi, hari ini Guinea mengakhiri masa berkabung resmi, yang berlangsung selama beberapa hari, mengenang para korban yang tewas akibat pembantaian...