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Linguistic aficionado-at-large. Loves Internet's pacifist core values, interested in subject such as: religions in history, techie stuffs, music, and sustainable (green) developments.

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19 November 2015

Legislator Rusia Mengusulkan Pemblokiran Messenger Telegram ‘Karena Digunakan oleh IS’

GV AdvocacyRuNet Echo

Should Telegram be banned because it's used by extremist organizations such as ISIS? One Russian lawmaker believes it should, but plenty of others in Russia...

18 November 2015

Anggota Global Voices Hisham Almiraat Diperkarai di Morocco

GV Advocacy

Hisham Almiraat, a long-time author and community leader at Global Voices will face trial in Morocco this week on charges of "threatening the internal security...

14 November 2015

Iklan Shiseido Bernuansa Pembauran Gender

Japanese cosmetic company Shiseido has produced a gender-bending commercial that is turning heads.

5 Agustus 2015

Warga Indonesia di Taiwan Menikmati Suasana Idul Fitri Nan Ramah Dibandingkan Tahun-Tahun Sebelumnya

Although Indonesians' public celebrations of Eid al-Fitr in the past were met with hostility, Taiwanese have learned to respect this Muslim holiday and help their...

1 Agustus 2015

Efek Bumerang: Mengapa Ketua Pasukan Khusus Tajikistan Bergabung Dengan ISIS?

"This is the most well-made film of a Tajik IS fighter. Unsurprisingly, they have quickly used [him] for recruitment purposes."

13 Februari 2015

Rusia Memperkuat Sensor Terhadap Konten Jejaring Sosial ISIS

GV AdvocacyRuNet Echo

The move to forbid ISIS’s media content joins a trend of growing Internet surveillance and censorship in Russia, but the feasibility of weakening ISIS by...

7 Oktober 2014

Demo Pro-Demokrasi Hong Kong ‘Occupy Central’ dalam Gambar

The massive rally has so far stood its ground against police attempts to clear the area with tear gas, pepper spray and batons, partially with...

25 Maret 2014

Berita Duka: Pesawat MH370 Jatuh di Samudera Hindia

The Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed Monday evening that missing Malaysian airliner MH370 crashed into the Indian Ocean. The plane with 239 passengers lost contact two...

11 Februari 2014

11 Februari: Internet Menentang Pengawasan Massal

GV Advocacy

On February 11, people all over the world will come together to take a stand against mass surveillance. Anyone, anywhere can participate -- whether you're...